walk walk fashion baby... shoes... they look so crazy

Man soll Mode nicht immer ernst nehmen. Und meiner Meinung nach soll man manche Modele an Schuhen echt nicht ernst nehmen. Manche sind wirklich sehr seltsam. Und ein Paar wollte ich euch mal zeigen! aber einige finde ich sogar recht kuhl!
(Bei vielen habe ich leider den Designer nicht gefunden, wer es weiß sagt mir bitte Bescheid!)

You should not take fashion seriously. And I think you should not take some interesting shoes really seriously. Some are really very strange. And a couple of them I wanted to show you!
(Unfortunately I have not found the designer of some of them. Who knows tells me please!)

 1, I think they look not that strange! Something out of a fairytale. 2, (Paul Ka) wish I could try them out. 3, (Casadei Patent) they look cute and strange at the same time! 4, (Camilla Skovgaard) I don´t like them! 5, I love them! Sooo delicate! But the heel seems a little strange. 6, reminds me of seaweed. I think it is a strange feeling to walk in them! 

1, they freak me out!  2, I like the top part, but what on eath is the lower part? Cowpat? 3, (Bart Hess) I will have nightmares after that! 4, A comment from the internet: You won´t see Ron Weasley wearing them! 5, (Guo Pei) I like the pattern! 6, soleless shoes. That is a shoe, that will stay on the runway! I don´t think someone would wear these!  

Yeah, das sind also meine Lieblinge an Schuhen! Hoffe sie gefallen euch, oder sie schockieren euch wie mich! Welche sind eure "Liebsten"?

Yeah, these are my favorites of crazy shoes! Hope you like them or they shock you like me! What are your "favorites"?

LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for reading my BLOG!!!!! 

the kuhl chikk ;)


  1. mir gefalt sehr №6 Grun)))))

  2. haha, Ja die sind echt kuhl, würde sie gern mal anprobieren um zu wissen, wie es nun so ist wenn kaum sohle vorhanden ist! =)


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