My make up: 29.09.09

Hello my darlings!!! It was a long day!! yes first university from 11:40 - 20:50 and than my friends and I wanted to go to a party! so I went home, dressed up a lil bit and did my make up. The theme for th party was *dark in the night* so I had a dark eyemake up! I hope you like it!! here some pics

For the day:

and the party make up... I know not the best pics of me!! haha:

I will do a tutorial on this very soon!I hope you like it!! thank you all for reading my blog!!! Now I have to go again!! I need more brain!! haha but today I can go home at 18:40!!! Yeah!!
love you all!



Halloween Mask

I want to enter a contest, so I need some training. First Iwanted to enter with this video, but I was watching all the other videos and I think they are much better, so I need a new one!! So another one is comming very soon!!!

I hope you like this, because I do!
Thank you so much!!

with love Kuhlchikk
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