The 3rd round...

huhu girls! Ok I just want to show you my "Barbie" look... I had no cam, so the pictures with my phone are sooo bad!!! But ok, I love the lashes!! hihi Hope will have some better pictures and more fantasy for the next round!!

See you soon my darlings!! Thank you for visiting!!



The second round...

Remember the 1 round? a new week is over and the second round of the make up project, too. So I just wanted to show you my make up. The theme was "hot like fire".

Thanks to my love for being a part of me! hihi
It wasn't that hard to convince him to do the pic,
It was much harder to explain, that he has to paint one part of the heart on my arm!
hahaha he likes to paint with a red lipstick!

"I think you are in the next round, because of my painting!!!
No doubt!"


Oriflame review: Gel Eyeliner

Hello sweethearts!! I told some time back about the oriflame package and now I want to review the gel eyeliner!! This will be the first part! So here we go!!

So I think this was just a money fail!! I was so happy to get a gel liner.. but this was just ... I dont have words for this!
It is not a real black and I can see my skin under it!

Ein totaler Reinfall! Es ist echt schlecht, egal was ich damit gemacht habe es wurde nicht besser!

After a short time I tried to wash it away from my hand, but it was very hard!!
So I thought, If it last for sooo long and so good, maybe it is a good dark base!!! UUUH 
so I tried it on my lids!!

Nach einer Zeit wollte ich das Zeug abwaschen, aber das war echt schwer! Also hab ich mir gedacht, wenn es so gut und so lange auf der haut bleibt, dann koennte es eine gute dunkle base sein!!UUUH Also versuchte ich es auf meinem Lid!

Here is the result:

Looks not that good, so I lost my hopes, but I tried to use eyeshadow!
Sieht nicht so toll aus,ich verlor meine Hoffnung, aber ich versuchte es noch nit lidschatten!


This was at ca. 14:15
So I did my hair... did some work at home and than I went to the cinema to watch "Avatar" in 3D
Das war um ca 14:15
Ich machte meine Haare, machte ein paar Aufgaben zu Hause und dann ab ins Kino, "Avatar" in 3D schaun.

I was back at home at 1:32! Night! So had the make up almost 12 hours!! And look!!! My make up is not that bad!!
Ich war wieder zu Hause um 1:32! Nachts! Und schaut!! Mein make up sieht gar nicht ueben aus nach fast 12 Stunden!

Only a bit in the inner cornor! So I think I have a great new base!! I love dark eyelooks so it is perfect for me!! Not even my UDPP is that good!!!!! I happy after all! So I keep searching for a gel liner!!

Nur ein wenig im inneren winkel des Auges. Also ich finde ich habe eine tolle neue Base! Ich liebe dunkle looks also perfekt fuer mich!! Nicht mal meine UDPP kann das! Ich bin froh! Ich werde weiter nach einen Gel liner suchen!

Do you know a great Gel liner??
Thank you all for reading!!

Hope this review was ok!!
big hugs!!


my wonder foundation!

Some of you say: WOW your skin is soo great! Actually I have a lot of problems with my skin!!!!! hihi All the WOW is the foundation! I use mousse foundation for everyday and (my new Love) a liquid foundation for special days. haha  Ok I will be brave today and show my face half naked and half done, so you can see the diffenrence! 
 Some will say that the colour is to white for me, but it is only the flash!

I dont have a problem to go out without make up, but with it looks just better.

And here is the liquid wonder>
 Thanks to Femme Fatale for posting about this foundation! I am in love!
It is just perfect. It fits my skin, is not like a mask, and is just wonderfull! LOVE LOVE

How are you today?? Big hugs to you!!!
LOvE KuhlChikk

Esprit Foundation Brush

So my sweethearst!! Some time back, I told you about the 25% off card for esprit cosmetiks and I took the chance and bought a brush. (the make up was not so interesting for me...)

Meine lieben hallo!! Vor einiger Zeit habe ich von den 25% Rabatt gesprochen die es fuer Esprit Cosmetics gab. Ich habe ja die Zeit genutzt und einen Pinsel gekauft. (Das Schminkzeug hat mich nicht so angelockt)

So and here is my Brush review:
On the packaging:
Professional flat taperd brush perfect for liquid foundation application. Non absorbent nylon bristles particulary adapted to application of fluid Make Up for even application without wastes. Easy to handle for a perfect natural looking finish. Gently clean brush with mild soap and water before first use.

Auf der Verpackung:
Der flache, spitz zulaufende Pinsel eignet sich ideal zum Auftragen von fluessigem Make Up. Die nicht absorbierenden Nylon-Fasern eignen sich fuer das Auftragen von fluessigem Make up besonders gut:
Ein gleichmaessiger, sparsamer Auftrag ist moeglich. Einfache Handhabung fuer ein perfekt und natuerliches aussehendes Ergebnis! Vor der ersten Anwendung den Pinsel sanft mit milder Seife und Wasser reinigen.

This brush is a foundation brush! And it is sooo great for liquid foundation!!!
Der Pinsel wird fuer foundation benutzt! Und es ist toll fuer fluessige Foundation!!!

( I am not a big fan of liquid foundation but I needed a l.f. for the brush test and I have now 2 new loves this brush and the foundation | Ich bin kein Fan von fluessigem Make up, aber um den Pinsel zu testen brauchte ich eine und nun habe ich 2 neue Lieblinge, den Pinsel und die Foundation)

+The brush has nylon bristles, so the bristles do not absorb the foundation. So you only need a very small  amount of foundation.
Der Pinsel hat Nylon-Borsten, also nehmen die Fasern die foundation nicht auf. Ihr braucht also nur eine kleine Menge Foundation.

+The brush keep its form after washing.
Der Pinsel verliert nach dem Waschen nicht die Form.

+ the brush is very soft on the skin, but has a good resistance.
Der Pinsel fuehlt sich sehr weich auf der Haut an, hat aber eine gute Wiederstandskraft.

+ No Hairloss.
Kein Haarverlust.

I think with this brush my love for brushes is just in the making... this and the Sephora brush, are my first professional brushes. I need some more great brushes! 

Oh and I tried this brush with Mousse Make Up... but that was a bad idea!! hahaa

Big hugs to everyone!!


The first round...

I take part in a make up Project hosting by Femme Fatale. And the first round is over!
The theme was "let nude bang" !! haha I wanted to do something all over with nude colours!

so here is the result!!

This is only the eye make up!
and here is the face paint:

feathers!! I like them! Had fun doing them!
wish me luck for the 2round!!!! Yuhuu!!
Big hugs my lovelies!!

my first water marbled nails

Hello sweets!! I tried the marbled nail art for the first time... I thought it would be so easy. The youtube girls do it so fast and it looked just so easy... but let me tell you, the first time is hard!!! I think it is not that good, because I am to slow for that... I need some training!!
They look like %$#@!
But I like the colours!!
Next time will be better!!! I promise!!!
Big hugs KuhlChikk


Oriflame package

  Hello my darlings! I got a little package with my oriflame order. I wanted to try some of the products! The gel eyeliner was something I wanted to try the most! So here are the thinks I got!
So I will post a review in one week!!!

Thank you very much for reading my blog!!! Love you sweethearts!
Kisses for you!

the internet about oriflame:
Oriflame is today one of the fastest growing beauty companies selling direct. We are present in 61 countries, of which we are the market leader in more than half. We offer a wide range of high-quality beauty products as well as a unique opportunity to join our sales force and start your own business.

Das Internet ueber Oriflame:
Oriflame ist ein internationales Kosmetikunternehmen, vertreten in über 60 Ländern weltweit. Inzwischen arbeiten wir mit 5200 Angestellten und hunterttausenden von Consultant / Beauty-Beratern zusammen- eine beachtliche Erfolgsstory. Trotzdem haben wir nie unsere Anfangsidee aus den Augen verloren hochwertige Produkte aus natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen, eine flache Hierarchie und wahrer Unternehmergeist.


Sally Hansen> Red hot creme

hello sweethearts!!! I have a nail polish for you, that I really like! It is a Sally Hanson nailpolish and it is called "red hot creme" It is a n/p from 'hard as nails'. I am not a fan of S.H. and it is not good to use only S.H. for you nails. But this colour is sooo great, I love it!! But it last not so long. I had Base, 2 coats "rhc", topcoat!! for 3 days!! But thats ok, I dont like one nailpolish longer than 2 days on my nails! 

Like you can see, I try to grow my nails, so I can do some new nail art tutorials! 
hihi Do you have a favorite Sally Hansen nailpolish? I like this the most! 

Have a great evening!!
Big hugs to all!!
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