all about blushes~!!!

hello everyone!! I wanted to tell you some facts about blushes. It is very hard to find a great blush that is good for your skintype.. so I hope I will help you a bit with that!! Blush is available in all sorts of formulations and textures Some of these are:

powder blushes
the classic form of blushes, suit mostly every skintype! with powder blush you can get mosly every effects} shimmer, matte, soft or bold
if you have oily skin use under the blush a loose powder

creme blushes
These are best for dry to very dry skin. very natural and easy to apply. If you like them a bit brighter than put on top a bit powder blush (works like a base)

liquid blush
stays on the skin very long, because of the structure. It "melt" with the skin together. It looks very fresh on the skin. On no-make-up-days the best! But it is hard to work with them, because they dry very fast.

mousse blush
it is very soft and all you need are your fingers to apply the blush on your cheeks. if you can see to much shimmer in it, dont worry, they are allmost transperant on the skin.

gel/tint blush
they are just like liquid blushes. hard to work with, but very natural if you know how to use them! If you are using gel blush, dont use foundation! as gels don’t sit as well on foundation as mousses or creams.

the best tool for the blushes are blush brushes!! (you can use your fingers too, but with powder blushes this is very difficult(: )

sooo... hope you like that and it was a small help for you!! check out my youtube channel and subscribe!!
watch here my video on youtube, more pictures and some facts more!!


a soft look that i really like

this is my contest entry for two german gurus, they are very sweet.it is inspired by the story Mother Hulda (Frau Holle. I am the good girl!! haha
so wish me luck!! I realy love to take part in contests, this is just a challange for me where I can find out, how far can my creativity go!!
thanks to you all

the story in english, yo can find here:
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