my wonder foundation!

Some of you say: WOW your skin is soo great! Actually I have a lot of problems with my skin!!!!! hihi All the WOW is the foundation! I use mousse foundation for everyday and (my new Love) a liquid foundation for special days. haha  Ok I will be brave today and show my face half naked and half done, so you can see the diffenrence! 
 Some will say that the colour is to white for me, but it is only the flash!

I dont have a problem to go out without make up, but with it looks just better.

And here is the liquid wonder>
 Thanks to Femme Fatale for posting about this foundation! I am in love!
It is just perfect. It fits my skin, is not like a mask, and is just wonderfull! LOVE LOVE

How are you today?? Big hugs to you!!!
LOvE KuhlChikk


  1. (Grr, warum nervt mich Google bei deinem Blog nur damit, unbedingt alles übersetzen zu lassen?)

    Finde Deine Haut ohne Foundation gar nicht so schlimm. Hast eigentlich nur ein paar Pickelchen und sonst ist doch alles okay.

    PS: Zwei Awards gefällig?
    *unauffällig hinstell und schnell abhau*


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