Sally Hansen> Red hot creme

hello sweethearts!!! I have a nail polish for you, that I really like! It is a Sally Hanson nailpolish and it is called "red hot creme" It is a n/p from 'hard as nails'. I am not a fan of S.H. and it is not good to use only S.H. for you nails. But this colour is sooo great, I love it!! But it last not so long. I had Base, 2 coats "rhc", topcoat!! for 3 days!! But thats ok, I dont like one nailpolish longer than 2 days on my nails! 

Like you can see, I try to grow my nails, so I can do some new nail art tutorials! 
hihi Do you have a favorite Sally Hansen nailpolish? I like this the most! 

Have a great evening!!
Big hugs to all!!

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  1. very pretty, my favorite SH n/p is their qwik dry! i need to buy more!


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