My Art: Dirty Hair Halo

Ich werde nun ab und zu meine Lieblinge unter allen Blogs vorstellen und das werde ich dann mit gemalten Bildern tun! Und beginnen will ich mit Dirty Hair Halo
 I want to present you my favorites and I will do it with hand drawings! And I will start with 
Dirty Hair Halo! I think this is my No.1!

 I still remember, how I found her blog! 

 She wrote me a comment under one of my posts and left her blogname! So I copied the link! After that I was in wonderland! It was kind of a love at first sight!? I just can say, that I simply love her blog! I looked through it like a stalker, sitting in front of the computer and reading all the older articles! haha I guess you can call it an addiction! You need to read her blog! And if you do, so tell me what you like about her blog!?
Life is sooo bad, when you don´t have a scanner! In reality, this pictures are so much better! I am sorry for that! The flash from the camera is really nasty with the black outlines and the shadows! I will do it better with an other picture of her!

I hope you still like it! And please don´t throw tomatos at me!!! I still need to learn a lot!



  1. ich mag deine Zeichnungen <3

  2. i love them so much! post, post! you're such a wonderfully talented artist. i'd love to post them on my blog too. xo


  3. DANKE KUEKN! Du bist toll!!!

    Thank you so much! I am happy, that you liked it!

  4. Very Surreal artwork, you should consider doing tattoo art if I can say...


  5. Thank you! I would like to do that, but I am a little scared, that I would ruin something and you would have to walk around with that your whole life! xD


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