bead markets

I want to be there... right now!!!!

It is my dream to visit the beads market!! I would buy so much stuff there!! I hope we will visit Peru in the near future, because there is such a market in Lima!!! 
You can find them in Madrid too, but I don’t know where!!! Do you have an idea??
Where is your dream place???
I would be happy about somewhere warm right now! It is raining for 2 days already! I think I am turning in a raisin! Do you know this feeling?? I have to stay at home, because the stupid, sorry, wind destroyed my lovely umbrella! It was one of the sweet umbrellas from Primark. The clear ones with pink hearts!!!! R.I.P. sweet umbrella…I miss you….

The weather was never nice to me! But I hope it will be a good month after all…


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