Do the swatches-thing!

OH HAPPY DAY!! hihi It is a great day! I am in Russia back again! Back to my fiance! Home and family were great! And now I am not doing anything! Isnt it great! But I am feeling strange! I want to sleep all the time... Is this what they call a Jet lag? It is horrible! But I need to do something! 
My sweet blog... I missed you! I had great holidays, but now I need to blog a bit and I have a exam on monday! Sociology
OK. I promised to do swatches of the products I brought and here we are!!

first the nailpolish

I just used one coat and no top coat or base!! Just the nailpolish!

1 multi dimension (glam style 43) Essence   
   nude rose glitter, I like this very much.
2 Color Victim (142 sweet) p2

   peach color and with veeeery small gold glitter
3 and 4  are from the essence "all I want" LE

eyeshadow mono Essence

02 dance all night (sparkling) It is one of my new favorites!
Love it! One bad part... the great glitter is only on the top,
than there is more shimmer than sparkling!

18 super babe (metallic)
Love it!!!! Such a great color!!! I love greens! and this one is going
to be my new everyday eyeshadow!

p2 universe eyeshadow (040 rich mars) 
(this one is a contest win!! LOOOVE)
I want the other eyeshadows from them!

Essence eyeshadow duo (12 newcomer)  
I am a white lover, only because the white 
is very intense I bought this, but the black is great too!

p2 color boulevard (010 Paris in Love)
This is a present from my sweet little sister!
Very pastel, need a base, than the color will be better!

Glam Girl 33 (more rose pink)

Sparkling Angel 03 (nude peach and a bit rose)

both Essence  
They are soo great! Very glossy and they smell so good! 

 First picture (from l. to r.)
Smokey eyes pencil ( mystic vamp 01) Essence

I blend it a bit and the color is not that long lasting! I hope on the lid
it will be better!

p2 Beauty Insider liquid eyeliner (010 blackest black)
Love it!! But you need some time til it is dry!
It will be the blackest black only after 2 layers!
It is great, because it is with a brush and not with a sponge thing!

Kajal Pencil  (04 white) Essence
It is a great white!! Very good for the waterline!!

2 and 3 picture
alverde liquid rouge and lips (602 Cherry)
I was hunting for that!! It is from a LE!
On the picture you can see how it is, if it is not blended (right)

A bit blended (with the finger) (middle)
and stronger blended (left)
.... Hope you can see it! O.o

SOOO hope you like it! This was the most of the things I bought!
Any questions?? So please feel free and write me a comment!
I am very happy about them!!




  1. Lovely swatches! P2 universe rich mars is alot like jesses girl baked eyeshadow! glad you could find something similiar

  2. ah dankeschön meine liebe ... ich find es auch mit der kombination mit schwarz toll :)


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