My love for vampires!

I watched new moon 4 days ago... I like it! I guess they had a lot more money for the second movie, because so much more special effects. And I like the color of this movie so much more, so warm! Is it because in this one, we see so much more about Jacob and he is the "hot" (temperature) one and the first was all about the "cold" vampires?!?!?  Or this is just my fantasy :)
I got a mail on youtube from someone...: Are you a 21 years old twilight freak?
hahaha maybe I am, not sure yet?!  I can say, that I am a vampire freak! I love to watch movies with vampires since my sister and I did a test in the internet, 6 years ago, I my result was, Something like..: "Your inner self is just like a vampire...". I dont remember more, but this was enough. My fever started!

Everything started with very ugly and scary vampires!
have a look at this:
This is from the movie "Nosferatu"

but my first v-movie was "Interview with an vampire" this is a great one!
I think the most of you saw it! With this the age of the sexy vampires started!

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" was my favorite series, watching it every week
was like ritual! Angel was a hot vampire!

Hahaha I love Eddie Murphy in "Vampire in Brooklyn" Love the
yellow eyes

"Blade" a very dark movie!! I saw it sooo many times!!

"Underworld" UUUh the hero in this one is a woman!!! YEAH!! I love it!!
My favorite is the first one!!

Oh and now one Movie from Russia "Night watch"
(ночной дозор) you should watch it. It is a very interessting movie (not about vampires the whole time)

2 Movies that I watched, but not really like (I will watch them again, maybe I was not in mood)
"Blood- the last Vampire" "The vampire's assistant"

Hahahaa Selma Hayek!! Very strange to see her like this!
In "the V.A"

So I hope I could show you, that I don't watch only twilight!!! hahaaha
Oh and that is just my list with v-movies. You can find a lot more!
(Once Bitten, Dracula, Dracula 2000, Vampire's Kiss,
the Hunger, Van Helsing, Dracula,dead and loving it,...) 

All the pictures are from google.
Soo tell me if you have a favorite v-movie? I dont speak about the Twilight Saga!!
haha and a great picture from the internet

Hope to read some comments!



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  1. hey!
    grad schau ich mich bei meinen lesern etwas um.
    um hallo zu sagen: hallo ;)
    und nun schau ich mich mal etwas um hier.


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