Yves Saint Laurent clutch DIY

Hello sweethearts!! This is the first part of my DIY projects. I start with the clatch. (I have everything I need to do it!) I love this clatch, it is the best bag for me on a party. It is also a eyecatcher for every look!! (because of the colour!)

The Original ( muuuuch better, I know)

So let's start! This is what you will need!

-Clutch/Clatch??? (it was in a Glamour magazin some time ago!)
-Silver glitter ( I wanted silver and glitter)
-Silver glitter nailpolish (this was the 2in1 nailpolish pencil)
-also a pencil

1 Step- take your clutch and decide where you want 
the letters to be

2 Step- use your pencil and drew very thin lines

3 Step- with the nailpolish 'cover' the lines and as long as the nailpolish is wet use the glitter over it!

4 Step- let it dry and remover after that all the glitter, that you don't need.

I don't know why a part of this pic is cut off! hahaha but ok.

Love this very much!! I hope you like it and I will see you next time!! ;)))

With love!! Annett KuhlChikk

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  1. That nice!! You still had it marvellous!!You lack a translator in the blog!!XD


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